Chord Gitar Dasar Lagu Bitterlove – Ardhito Pramono, Kunci Mudah Dimainkan

Simak chord gitar dan lirik lagu Bitterlove yang dipopulerkan oleh Ardhito Pramono dalam artikel ini. Lagu Bitterlove pertama kali dirilis oleh Ardhito Pramono pada 2017. Lagu bergenre jazz tersebut tergabung dalam album bertajuk Ardhito Pramono.

Seperti judulnya, lagu Bitterlove bercerita tentang pahit manis hubungan asmara. There is bitter in everyday But then I feel it That you would be the only one Sometimes it doesn't have to be so sure The sweetest love can be so hard to find We'll be better in every way But then I would go to be in other space Sometimes, the bitter of love can be so good It's like a coffee with a rainbow's mood

Sometimes you feel off but sometimes you feeling right Is it to be, or it is not to be To fall in love again, to be the one for m